How to care for your art

originals and prints:

  • keep out of direct sunlight, extreme humidity and extreme temperatures.

  • if canvas, hold carefully. make sure not to dent canvas. if dent happens, use water and a spray bottle to spray back of canvas where dent is present. spray to damp NOT wet.

resined tables/wooden Coasters:

  • clean with gentle house cleaner (an all natural all purpose spray works great) or clean with a mild window cleaner. freckledhijabi likes to use windex diluted with water 1:1.

  • if legs collect dust, dust and wipe with clean damp cloth.

  • keep coasters dry on bottom (do not set in water). wipe clean with damp cloth

Tea towels:

  • machine wash on cold or hand wash

  • air dry to reduce shrinking

  • ironing is okay and wont damage design

  • depending on use of towel, art may slowly fade over time and usage.

resin jewelry/coasters:

  • do not wear jewelry in shower/pools/etc.

  • keep jewelry in dry place out of direct sunlight

  • do not leave in hot car

  • freckledhijabi uses 2 different types of resin: artresin & counterculturediy. All coasters are made with counterculture and can withstand up to 500 degrees fahrenheit. this being said, still use a well insulated mug or cup when placing hot beverages on the coasters.

  • keep coasters out of direct sunlight, hand wash and thoroughly dry.