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Opening Day!

Hello fellow fairies, elves and pixies! Happy valentines day but most importantly, happy freckledhijabi opening day! So many of you probably remember my opening day last year around this same time. You’re probably asking yourself “why another opening day?” I believe that everyone needs a new change or rebranding ever once in a while. I felt that freckledhijabi needed that. I’m going to be honest with you all, I began feeling like fh lost its purpose. I thought “there are a ton of artists out there, am I really needed?” Maybe…maybe not. But I know that I need freckledhijabi and I also know that there may be little girls of color who need to see fairies of color.

So whats different this time? What is freckledhijabi doing this year that she did not do last year? This year is the year of purpose. Although fh will continue her beloved FOC and fairytale canvas pieces, fh will be focusing on purposful art such as home decor and tables! Head over to “freckled decor” to check out our brand new hand painted tables!

I hope you all are excited as I am! Please stay tuned to freckledhijabi and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to recieve details of new products!


Later Event: February 28
MSA Art Talk