Tulip Forest on Fire

Tulip Forest on Fire


This is a hand painted, built, one of a kind piece by freckledhijabi.

Acrylic on basswood.

Resined with Non-Toxic Art Resin.

about 15” diameter.

1 3/4” thickness.

Legs: Antique inspired dark satin 28” legs

Legs are easily removable and changeable (if you purchase another table/plantstand by freckledhijabi, you can mix and match the legs!)

Furniture Grade Table legs stained and sealed.

This table was made with the though of the buyer in mind. We made sure that you can build and use your table within minutes of recieving it! Easily screw the legs into the attatched hardwear, and put your favorite crystal lamp or flower vase on your brand new table!

NOTE: this item is a fine art painting and is in no way to be recreated digitally. do not use for self promotion, websites, logos, recreation for profit, etc. thank you for respecting my artwork.

Shipping: Please give freckledhijabi 10-14 days to ship out your piece, it may take some extra time as the shop has recently opened. time should move faster after this initial start up.

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