"Calming Botanicals" Tea Towels

"Calming Botanicals" Tea Towels


these natural colored tea towels are perfect to have on hand in the kitchen! each tea towel is machine washable (for more info, please see “how to care for your new art” page).

the print has no sheen or noticeable differentiation to the fabric. it looks as if it has been made into the fabric! Print is perfectly placed so when the towel is folded, the full print is visible. tea towels are eco-friendly and reusable!

Tea towels can be used for a variety of things:

  • Cleaning up messes

  • drying fruits and veggies

  • napkins

  • drying your hands in the kitchen

  • wrapping pastries and baked goods

  • table decoration

  • more!

30”x30” each one is handmade and may be off by a cm or two.

watercolor painting printed on cotton.

this is a botanical illustration of five common herbs used to sooth anxiety and aid in sleep. listed below are their true botanical names. these herbs can be used in oils and/or tea.

each towel will come with a stem of dried lavender!

there are a very limited amount of towels and these towels will never be printed again.

NOTE: this item is a fine art painting and is in no way to be recreated digitally. do not use for self promotion, websites, logos, recreation for profit, etc. thank you for respecting my artwork.

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