What is fhs’ color palette?

burnt umber, burnt sienna, phthalo Green, ultramarine blue, quinacridone Magenta, pyreole red, Opera rose, dairylide yellow, yellow ochre, hansa yellow medium, titanium white.

what brands of paint does fh use?

acrylic: “golden” & “windsor & newton”

watercolor: “dr. ph martins” and “Mission gold”

what mediums does fh work in?

watercolor and acrylic.

What surfaces does fh paint on?

studio stretched canvas, 140+lbs watercolor paper/mixed media paper, wood, denim.

what is a limited edition item/print?

this means thew item will not be restocked ever again.

what is an open edition item/print?

this means even if the item sells out, you will most likely see it again.

does fh ship worldwide?

not at the moment but we are working on it!

when will my order aRRIVE?

orders are dispatched on mondays and wednesdays. depending on your location, the time your item takes to arrive will vary. look to our shipping information page for details.