Tattoo Commissions/Closed

Due to high demand, freckledhijabi will be taking up to 10 tattoo commissions through the month of march. each drawing will be done on a 2”x2”, 3”x3”, 4”x4”, 3”x5 or 5”x5” 140lb watercolor paper sizing depending on the artwork. fh has no problem including or excluding white ink for highlights. Freckledhijabi will create botanical work, crystal work and/or moon/astrology work. feel free to send in photos that may help fh better understand your commission.

what to include when submitting a commission form:

  • Detail description of what you would like

  • if you want color, what colors would you like in the piece (if its botanical and you’d like botanically correct coloring, let me know)

  • time frame that works best for you (keep in mind shipping will take 3-7 days)

  • size range based on the sizes listed above)

Pricing estimates:

-non-colored: $35-$100

_to add color: +$15

-Prices are for receiving a scanned version. to have the original piece as well: +$15 (free shipping)

(NOte! don’t mind if freckledhijabi uses design for prints, products, etc? ask for a discount and receive up to 15% off of original price!)

below are photos of recent drawings and a commission form.

click through photos to view.

If you post a pic of your tattoo, please tag me the first time you post it! i’d love to see it!

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