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freckledhijabi is An African-American, Muslim woman named Sumaiyah. Born in Maryland, living in North Carolina, Sumaiyah is a full time artist. She has been painting since she was 14, drawing since she was 11 and was introduced to arts and crafts at a very young age due to being a Girl Scout as a child. Sumaiyah struggled to find her style until she was 17. However, in the process of finding it, through trial and error, she picked up self taught skills. When she was 17 she attended a community college and studied art for two semesters. When she was 18, she took up her biggest project of redecorating her bedroom. This included ripping her carpet up to expose the sub-floor, painting it a marble pattern, painting her walls a warm pink and photographing the whole process. Here's a link to see the Finished Floor . Sumaiyah continues to experiment and trial a variety of techniques to keep her artwork changing and improving.


artist statement

Everyone has wanted to live in a flawless, paradisaical fairy tale before. Where nature is flourishing, colors you've never seen before are right in front of your eyes, fairies and unicorns ARE REAL, also there's two moons..maybe three? The skies are ethereal, clouds are touchable, the sun is breathable. That's what inspires the artist behind FreckledHijabi.

Everyone deserves to feel like they're in that fairy tale, regardless of skin tone, race or culture. However, in the world of art, whimsical pieces depicting beautiful paradises often lack diversity. Sumaiyah is here to change that.

FreckledHIjabi has a purpose to inspire young women and girls of color to love their skin and differences. She creates work for all girls from different cultures and backgrounds. Presenting rich undertones and bright highlights in every portrait. Anyone can be a fairy, elf, pixie, mermaid, cherub(?) in a piece by Sumaiyah.

You are to be celebrated for who you are. You deserve to appreciated for who you are. Sumaiyah believes that. FreckledHijabi represents it.

freckledhijabi at a raw artist art show.

freckledhijabi at a raw artist art show.

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